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ICT Security Officer

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 Roles and Responsibilities

  • To ensure all ICT security infrastructures are in accordance with the security principles based on ICT Security Policy Framework and the Government Security Directive;

  • To prepare and review MAMPU ICT security infrastructure documents for ICT security audit purposes;

  • To identify MAMPU ICT security areas that would require additional attention;

  • To ensure the security of MAMPU ICT services and infrastructure at all times;

  • To ensure all MAMPU officers understand the standard requirements, guidelines and security procedures stated in the Government ICT Security Policy Framework;

  • To carry out risk assessments and ICT Security programmes in MAMPU;

  • To prepare an action plan for managing risks from non-compliance to MAMPU ICT security standards, guidelines and procedures;

  • To report to MAMPU GCERT any ICT security incidence in MAMPU;

  • To assist in developing ICT standards, guidelines and procedures for ICT applications, systems and infrastructures in MAMPU and ensure compliance to the requirements of the Government ICT Security Policy Framework;

  • To conduct programmes to increase knowledge and awareness on technology and control mechanism for information and ICT assets; cyber threats as well as the roles and responsibilities of the users while utilising  MAMPU ICT facilities;

  • To disseminate and direct early warnings on potential threats that may result in massive losses to MAMPU ICT assets; and

  • To manage overall ICT security programmes in MAMPU.


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