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In line with the current scenario, Public Sector agencies need to be creative and innovative to ensure continuous improvements in processes and procedures. For that reason, MAMPU has identified four (4) strategies in strengthening systems and procedures. They are:

  • To reengineer work processes for service delivery enhancement;

  • To increase agency's capabilities to streamline systems and procedures;

  • To practice and disseminate Business Process Reengineering (BPR) best practices to agencies; and

  • To monitor the effectiveness of BPR

MAMPU has introduced the BPR initiative in the Public Sector to improve Government service delivery. BPR is a method to implement dramatic improvement on processes and procedures with the optimisation of ICT to facilitate work processes at agencies.

BPR Consultation and Guidance Services

MAMPU provides BPR consultation and guidance services to Public Sector agencies. These consultation and guidance services are based on directives from stakeholders, application from agencies or initiatives by MAMPU. Through these consultation services, agencies are exposed to methods of improving processes and procedures hands on. This approach helps agencies to get a better understanding of BPR so that they are able to implement them on other work processes.
Focus Group Business Process Reengineering (FGBPR)
Status of Implementation Year 2017

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