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Implementation approach of common ICT infrastructure services is to optimize the use of resources through partnerships, getting better value for money and can provide better quality services and consistent.

ICT Shared Services (G-ICT) ICT infrastructure provides common services that include the following services:

  1. MyGov * Net network
  2. Putrajaya Campus Network (PCN)
    • access to the Internet; and

    • access to 1Gov*Net.

     3. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

     4. Public Sector Data Center

     5. Government Computer Emergency Response Team (GCERT)

     6. Help Desk Electronic Government

     7. Integrated Communications Services (MyGovUC)

     8. Comprehensive Managed ICT Security Service of the Government of Malaysia (MyGSOC)

ICT Shared Services at dokong by Shared Services Division ICT Infrastructure and Security (BPGIKICT), MAMPU responsible for planning, managing and operating the services offered.

  Updated 14.08.2018