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  1. Plan, formulate and coordinate the Public Sector ICT acts, policies, standards, guidelines, circulars and orders.
  2. Plan, coordinate, implement, and monitor the Government IT and Internet Committee (JITIK) programs. 
  3. Monitor and evaluate the Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan implementation.
  4. Design, coordinate and develop the Public Sector Enterprise Architecture (EA).
  5. Plan, implement and manage the Public Sector Data Dictionary (DDSA) implementation.


  1. Plan, coordinate, implement and monitor the ICT Public Sector Technical Committee (JTISA) meetings.
  2. Evaluate, analyse and give technical recommendations on Public Sector ICT project proposals to JTISA.
  3. Manage and monitor the progress of the development and implementation of  approved ICT projects in Public Sector.
  4. Manage, coordinate dan monitor the usage of Profile of Public Sector ICT Projects (PROFIT) by all related agencies.
  5. Plan and coordinate the evaluation of Public Sector initiative / project RP and RMK11.
  6. Coordinate and monitor the progress of MAMPU ICT projects under the development and operational expenditure (DE & OE) allocation.


  1. Plan, develop, implement, monitor, evaluate and analyse the achievement of Competency and Career Development Plan for Public Sector Information System Service Scheme.
  2. Manage the assessment, certification, monitoring and coordination for the recognition of Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Public Sector Information Technology Officer.
  3. Manage the Public Sector Information System Repositories through Sistem Pengurusan Kerjaya (SPK).
  4. Managing evaluation, recommendation, monitoring and coordination of implementation of Trust Fund for Public Sector ICT Projects Development (KWAICT).
  5. Managing evaluation, recommendation and coordination of implementation of Public Sector Information and Communication Technology Innovation Award (AIICT).


  1. Plan, coordinate and implement the ICT Collaborative Program Strategic Public Sector, localand international industry.
  2. Plan, coordinate, implement, and monitor Consultative Panel Digital Transformation program.
  3. Plan and coordinate Public Sector ICT Management Transformation through the Centralisation of ICT Management and Operation of Public Sector.
  4. Coordinate and manage the implementation program of GCIO inside and outside of the country.
  5. Coordinate and manage the implementation program of CIOs and ICT managers.
  6. Plan, implement and promote the subscription materials research, technology and ICT services.
  7. Plan, coordinate, implement and monitor the program of Subcommittee on National Language Implementation of ICT Sector of Public Sector


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