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1.    Coordinate, analyze data and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) The Minister in the Prime Minister (Modernization) containing MAMPU, SPA and SPP KPI.
2.    Monitor and provide reports and KPI Scorecard performance of the Minister in the Prime Minister (Modernization).
3.    Enter data and report on performance and achievement of KPI Scorecard Honourable Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Modernization) Online Dashboard to periodically DRIVERS.
4.    Provides relevant information for the preparation of the Minister in the Prime Minister (Modernization) to Cabinet Away Day program organized by PEMANDU.
5.    Coordinate and provide KPI and KPI Dictionary Bundle for MAMPU Director General.
6.    KPI report periodic reports to the JPA MAMPU Director General and MyKPI System.
7.    Monitor, coordinate and provide periodic reports KPI performance MAMPU Director General.
8.    Coordinate and monitor the progress of the civil servants performance indicators Tier 2 [TKP (ICT) and the scene (TPP)] through MyKPI System.
9.    Coordinating the Field Program for Development Projects.


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