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  1. Plan, manage and monitor development MyGCC operations include technical aspects, competence, human resources and change management.
  2. To implement the program of research and development (R & D) of technologies, standards and best practices in the industry call center that can be adapted in MyGCC.
  3. Manage and monitor the scope of work and demands payment for the project construction contract MyGCC.
  4. Coordinate issues and matters arising during the development activities MyGCC.
  5. Manage, evaluate and monitor the application of change (change request) for the functions and technical specifications under MyGCC project development activities.
  6. Mengurussetiakan Technical Committee Meeting and Steering Committee Meeting MyGCC.
  7. MyGCC administrative matters.


  1. Manage and coordinate the daily operations MyGCC and provide services to external customers through the call channel and the channel is not on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Monitor daily operations in real-time which involves managing availability (availability) PKP to receive calls/transactions, the reliability of the system (system uptime) and performance management MyGCC (service level management).
  3. Accept transactions from customers and help provide a solution to the case filed by customers to MyGCC.
  4. Manage and record all cases received by MyGCC.
  5. Manage and resolve cases forwarded to the second stage (escalation and focal point) that is received within the prescribed time.


  1. Plan, monitor, review and improve work processes, information services and technical requirements MyGCC operation.
  2. Manage and monitor the operation of telecommunication networks and systems MyGCC.
  3. Coordinate and liaise with the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the ministries / departments / agencies concerned in managing to get information for K-Base system.
  4. Prepare reports and analysis on operational requirements on a regular or ad-hoc.
  5. Developing and implementing a training plan for PKP in 1MOCC.
  6. Monitor the quality of services rendered by officers 1MOCC.
  7. Investigate cases of complaints and awards received for services rendered by 1MOCC.


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