Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a combination of software, encryption technologies and services which enable organisations to secure their online business transactions. PKI enables users to perform electronic transactions in a safe environment as well identify any individual who carries out the transactions. The issuance of the digital certificates are in accordance with the Digital Signature Act, 1997.


PKI Services provided:

The PKI services provided are as follows:
      1. Smart card
      2. Soft certificate
      3. Training card
      4. Smart card reader and software
      5. SSL server certificate
      6. PUK Unblocking


PKI Guideline and Forms:

1. PKI Application Guideline
2. BNTC-01 Form
3. BPKP-01 Form
4. Server Certificate Application Form (BPS-01)
5. Soft Certificate Application Form (BPSC-01)
6. PUK Unblocker Application Form(BPUK-01)


Application for PKI Services

The Government Public Key Infrastructure (GPKI) Portal was developed by MAMPU to manage online PKI applications beginning 1 March 2013.
The notice for the extension period for Online Application of Smart Card and Smart Card Reader through the GPKI Portal can be referred to in the attachment.

GPKI Portal

The GPKI Portal can be accessed through

For Further Information:


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Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)
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ICT Shared Services Division
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(attn: Director, ICT Shared Services Division)

Contact Persons:

   1.Encik Khairuddin bin Yahaya
      Deputy Director
      Tel: 03- 8872 6226
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   2.Puan Meriam binti Shafie
      Principal Assistant Director
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   3.Cik Noraida binti Aman Nor
      Assistant Director
     Tel No. : 03-8872 6324
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Inquiry on PKI Applications:

Tel No. : 03-8892 4001
E-mail :