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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Salam Sejahtera.

My humble salutations and a warm welcome to our official website of Malaysian Administration Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU).

21st century has observed the upsurge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) breakthrough as never before and this significant transition spurred the emergence of global Megatrends, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital disruptions that defy our norms and conventional practices. As responsible Malaysian citizens, all these changes should not be regarded as mere challenges. Instead, it is timely for us to embrace and translate them into practical indicators to determine the future direction of our national economic growth.

Founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, stated that traditional organisation structure can be a great obstacle towards discovering new working strategies in this digital era. As such, consistent mechanisms such as Business Process Reengineering, Strategic Planning, Scenario Planning and High-Impact Studies can be solid auxiliary tools in preparing the path of change in relation to its desired vision.
The various accolades achieved by MAMPU throughout its four decades of establishment has no guarantee of its relevance in this ever challenging era. As an agency entrusted to realise the government’s aspirations, MAMPU is commited towards elevating Malaysia’s ranking in the implementation of Digital Government globally.Subsequently, a dedicated action plan has been prepared to improve our national position in the Online Services Index (OSI) of UN e-GDI, targeting 15th rank by the year 2020.

A little info on our current scores, 87.5% of Malaysia’s government services can be acccessed online while the applications developed in the Government Mobile Applications Gallery (GAMMA) has been downloaded by over 1.1 million users.

On the other note, the UN E-Government Survey 2016 Report concluded that public service delivery through both electronic and mobile platforms are gaining remarkable prominence. Therefore,this website promotes substantial role of MAMPU mainly as catalyst in developing citizen-centric initiatives through ICT. Authoritative and up-to-date source of information on our policies, circulars, publications, products, services and activities are also part of it.

In line with our strategies under the 11th Malaysia Plan which to enhance service outreach through public engagements via online services, this virtual site provides an avenue for rakyat to convey their suggestions and feedbacks, issue complaints and to make enquiries directly to MAMPU in process of identifying issues as well as to develop appropriate solutions. Besides, visitors could find useful links to Government Official Online Portal (MyGOV Portal), GAMMA, website links to key government agencies and to our official social media page as well.

With this, I believe that our site serves as the best platform to procure information and a tool of exchanging views in regards to enhancing public service delivery among civil servants, MAMPU personnel and citizens of Malaysia as a whole, in contribution to our common endeavour of charting a future for civil service par-excellence.

Keep up with us,
Stay tune with us,
Through the virtual window of MAMPU.

Thank you

Dato’ Dr. Mazlan Yusoff
Director General of MAMPU



Updated 10.05.2019