Prime Minister’s Innovation Award (AIPM)

Prime Minister’s Innovation Award (AIPM)
Public Sector Recognition

The Government has introduced a 2-tier recognition system for the Public Service. The first tier is the Prime Minister’s Innovation Award (AIPM) which is the most prestigious and unique Public Service award to recognise innovations that are significant and bring high impact to the country. In line with the Government’s aspiration to foster a creative and innovative culture among Public Sector agencies, The Prime Minister’s Innovation Award was introduced in 2010 to replace the Prime Minister Quality Award (AKPM).
Selection Process

The process of identifying and nominating potential candidates or initiatives for the Prime Minister’s Innovation Award is undertaken by a Search Committee. The Committee is chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Government and comprises members drawn from the Public Sector, Private Sector, Institutions of Higher Learning and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).

The Search Committe ensures that only the most qualified candidates are shortlisted for the award. Thus, agencies need not submit any application for AIPM.
Evaluation Criteria

The AIPM evaluation criteria cover four main aspects which emphasise the outcome and impact of an innovation as follows:

  1. Innovative – shows innovative features such as methods or experiments that are truly leading edge, comprehensive organisational change or effective mobilisation of technology;
  2. Relevance – shows changes which are consistent with the national agenda such as contribution to high value added economic development, significant cost savings to Government operations, significant Government revenue generation, unique collaboration with the people, effective nation building efforts and others;
  3. Significant – shows significant and high impact outcome or potential outcome either locally or globally; and
  4. Effectiveness – shows significant benefit in terms of sustainable outcome and covers a period of time that clearly demonstrates its effectiveness.

Categories of Recipient

AIPM can be awarded to an agency/ organisation, a team consisting of civil servants or an individual. Only one winner will be chosen for AIPM. Commensurate with the level of AIPM as a prestigious award, the AIPM’s winner will be rewarded a cash prize of RM1 million, a trophy and a certificate.

Updated 04.07.2019

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