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Star Rating Index (SRI) is a mechanism for measuring the performance of public sector agencies using a set of criteria predetermined by MAMPU together with the relevant parties involved. Based on the decision by the Panel for Humanising the Public Service Meeting chaired by the Honorable Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia on July 10, 2015, the SRI assessment is conducted by MAMPU every two years.

Objectives of Star Rating Index Assessment

  1. To measure the performance of public sector agencies using a set of criteria focusing on outcome, customers and stakeholders’ aspirations;
  2. To further enhance the culture of excellence practiced by the public sector agencies through transformation and innovation efforts; and
  3. To provide formal recognition to public sector agencies which portray outstanding levels of performance measured based on the SRI criteria.


Star Rating Index Model

SSR MODEL BIAgencies Assessed Under SRI

SRI assessment covers 62 agencies involving six (6) categories as follows:

i.    Ministries;
ii.    Central Agencies/Departments under the Heads of Services;
iii.    State and Federal Secretariat Offices;
iv.    Front-line agencies (Federal); and
v.    Agencies with Key-Performance Indicators (as stipulated by Public Service Department from time to time)

SRI Result 2015

 (available in "Bahasa Melayu" only)

penarafanbintang 1 penarafanbintang 2

penarafanbintang 3  penarafanbintang 4


>> SRI RESULT YEAR 2008 - 2012

Star Rating Guidelines for Public Sector Agencies

(available in "Bahasa Melayu" only)

>> Manual Pengguna Sistem myStar - Penyelaras (15 Mac 2013)
>> Manual Pengguna Sistem myStar - Penyelia (15 Mac 2013)
>> Panduan Penilaian Penarafan Bintang (Star Rating)

SRI Report 2015

SRI Report 2015

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