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  1. The Panel on Humanising the Public Service (Merakyatkan Perkhidmatan Awam (MPA) was established on July 10th, 2015 in replacement of the Panel on Service Delivery Monitoring (Pemantauan Penyampaian Perkhidmatan (3P). The MPA Panel plays vital role as a governing mechanism in strengthening the institutional capacity of public sector agencies.

  2. The panel's terms of reference (TOR) cover five (5) aspects as follows:

    • To analyse the implementation issues on public service delivery;

    • To monitor the implementation of decisions and instructions made by the government;

    • To report the status of the aforementioned implementation to the Cabinet;

    • To follow up the decisions made by other committees on public service delivery as well as issues raised in the Cabinet Meeting; and

    • To advise and facilitate the discussions on current issues and subsequently propose recommendations to the government.

  3. In tandem with the TOR, there are seven (7) key focus areas of service delivery which are based on the National Key Results Areas (NKRA) and they are as follows:

    • land administration;

    • education;

    • health;

    • basic facilities;

    • food and housing;

    • public transport; and

    • new services of the frontline agencies.

  4. The MPA Panel members are as follows:

              Chairman: Chief Secretary to the Government


    1. Director-General of Public Service;

    2. Attorney-General;

    3. Secretary-General, Ministry of Finance;

    4. Auditor-General;

    5. Deputy Secretary-General (Cabinet), Prime Minister's Department;

    6. Director-General, Economic Planning Unit;

    7. Director-General, MAMPU;

    8. Senior Deputy Secretary-General, Prime Minister's Department;

    9. Secretary-General, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia;

    10. Secretary-General, Ministry of Federal Territories;

    11. Secretary-General, Ministry of Home Affairs;

    12. Director-General, Implementation Coordination Unit;

    13. Secretary-General, Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government; and

    14. Secretary-General, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment.

      Secretariat: MAMPU, Prime Minister's Department

  5. In addition, other ministries and government agencies including those focusing on training and research, non-governmental organisations (NGO) such as think-tanks and also individual experts are invited to the meeting based on the needs of the issues to be discussed.

  6. The panel meets twice a year as compared to six, previously. This is to allow ample time for evaluation and monitoring of the decisions made.

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