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Malaysia Government Call Centre (MyGCC)

In an effort to realise the government’s intention which is in accordance with the concept of People-centric Public Service, Malaysia Government Call Centre (MyGCC) was inspired to be as a communications gateway that bridge the people with government agencies. MyGCC was created based on the concept of high impact, low cost and rapid execution under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS). Since it was launched by the Prime Minister on 12 November 2012, MyGCC has been operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering customers 7 communication channels (phone, SMS, e-mail, portal, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Just like other call-centres around the world such as New York 311, Service NSW in Australia, and 1823 in Hong Kong, MyGCC is a one-stop call-centre with just a single number – 03 8000 8000 – for all government service agencies, in line with the government’s No Wrong Door Policy. In general, the public can make enquiries, complaints, suggestions/ feedbacks, ask for call transfer service and express their appreciation to all government agencies through seven (7) channels of communication with just a single number without having to visit the government related agencies or ministries.

In line with the policy of consolidated customer service of various ministries’/ agencies’, this exercise helps reduce ministries/ agencies costs. Strategic collaboration between MyGCC and ministries/ agencies via information-sharing enables the Unanswered Call Rate (UCR) of the ministries/ agencies to be reduced.

How does MyGCC Work?
MyGCC has formulate a smart strategy through improvements by using the latest technologies and enhancing existing operational processes to ensure that services remain relevant and become the main reference for the people. Every communication that comes through all provided channels will be answered by a Customer Service Officer (CSO). CSOs are divided into a smaller units/ sub-unit. CSOs for answering call is further divided into two levels.

First level CSOs are responsible for answering all first incoming calls whilst the second level CSOs which are Subject Matter Expert (SME), will receive and answer calls that are asking about specific issues, which is passed on to them from the first level CSOs. Second level CSOs are divided into groups called Cluster with each cluster’s name corresponds to a specific government ministry/ agency. For non-phone call communication, all responses are provided also by CSOs using the same channel in which the communication were made.

Way Forward
In the near future, it is planned that MyGCC will expand its service to all states by taking into account the role of Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in each state as its operational centre at state level.

Multichannel MyGCC
There are seven (7) channels for MyGCC service all summarised as follows:
i. Phone Call/ SMS/ IVR: 03 – 8000 8000
ii. E-mail: 80008000@mygcc.gov.my
iii. Facebook: Malaysia Government Call Centre
iv. Instagram: MyGCCMalaysia
v. Twitter: MyGCC
vi. Portal: www.malaysia.gov.my
vii. Chatbot System: SITI@MyGCC

MyGCC chatbot application which is known as SITI@MyGCC (Sharing Information Through Innovation) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies developed to provide information at one’s fingertips and offer the following services:
i. Daily information.
ii. Enquiries.
iii. Complaints.
iv. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
v. Government directories and locations.


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