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MyMesyuarat System
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MyMesyuarat system is an online meeting management system and monitoring of meeting results. The MyMesyuarat 2.0 system is the latest version that has been redeveloped from the cloud-enabled MyMeeting and MyMesyuarat 1.0 systems using the latest technology and framework with the addition of new functions and features to meet the needs of the agency.


1.To transform the government meeting management system from manually to electronically.

2. To improve communication and productivity where meeting minutes, memos, invitations and correspondence are conducted easily, quickly and effectively via online.

3. Save time and cost of meeting management in government agencies.

Benefits of Using MyMesyuarat

MyMesyuarat can realize the government’s aspiration towards Digital Government by transforming meeting management as follows:

i. Accessibility

The MyMesyuarat system operates across borders and can be accessed anytime and anywhere using internet facilities. The system can also be accessed through various devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

ii. Quick and easy access to information

The use of MyMesyuarat allows information to be accessed at your fingertips without requiring meeting members to contact the secretariat or check on physical files for information. Users can also get meeting -related information such as meeting minutes, feedback reports and presentation documents easily.

iii.Facilitate and expedite the work of the secretariat.

Secretarial work that was previously carried out manually has been simplified and automated. For example the process of getting feedback becomes easier where meeting members can directly update feedback into the system and during meetings, feedback reports can be generated directly by the system without requiring the secretariat to update reports manually.

iv.Facilitate action monitoring on meeting decisions.

The secretariat and chairman can make online monitoring of actions that have been taken by members. Effective monitoring by using the MyMesyuarat system can ensure that action is taken by meeting members according to the set time. This in turn can reduce the problem of overlooked or dropouts of feedback that can cause losses to the government.

v. Save cost and time of meeting management as well as move towards a paperless and Green ICT environment.

The cost of conducting a meeting can be reduced in terms of the use of paper, printing, transmission or distribution of meeting documents as well as meeting invitation. Review and distribution of meeting minutes also can be shortened because the process implemented online where the chairman can review and approve the distribution of minutes even when not in the office.

vi. Mobility

The approach in managing meetings manually is seen to be less effective due to the way of working nowadays which is more mobile. Users need a system such as MyMesyuarat which provides 24×7 access and meeting members do not necessarily have to be in the office to perform tasks such as updating feedback, obtaining meeting documents and updating meeting minutes.

For more information, please visit MyMesyuarat portal below:

Officer to contact:

Puan Normaizura binti Rosani
Ketua Penolong Pengarah
Bahagian Pembangunan Aplikasi, MAMPU
Telefon : 03-88726314
E-mel : normaizura.rosani@mampu.gov.my

Encik Rahimi bin Kamis
Penolong Pengarah Kanan
Bahagian Pembangunan Aplikasi, MAMPU
Telefon : 03-88727408
E-mel : rahimi@mampu.gov.my

E-mel Pasukan MyMesyuarat MAMPU:






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