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Malaysia Training Center or Malaysia Training Center (MyTC) is one of the efforts to realize the country’s transformation agenda.

This MyTC project allows the use of existing facilities in the Public Training Institute (ILA) and Government Agencies to be shared comprehensively and its use can be optimized by various parties. This project is implemented to meet the needs of the people who want fast and extensive services. Therefore, this project is one of the initiatives to improve the delivery of Government services to the people.

This initiative is led by the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and the Economic Planning Unit together with strategic partners namely the Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister’s Department, Public Service Department, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Human Resources and Ministry of Youth and Sports. The implementation of the MyTC Project is the best example of the strategic collaboration of Public Service agencies of various Ministries and departments to realize this project. It is not built as a result of the efforts of one agency only, but it is the result of the cooperation of various Public Service agencies who work together in the same spirit of raising the interests of the people as a priority of Government administration.


To realize this MyTC Project, the MyTC Portal was developed. MyTC Portal is an electronic gateway that stores information on facilities offered by ILA / Government Agencies. This portal will make it easier for civil servants, the private sector, statutory bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the public to obtain information and make reservations for the facilities offered.

Services offered by MyTC

Services provided include the following:

Provide information related to the facilities of the Public Training Institute (ILA) / Government Agencies; and
Provide facility booking facilities offered by the Public Training Institute.

MyTC Service Application

There are no conditions for registering on the MyTC Portal. MyTC Portal users can search and order facilities offered by the Public Training Institute (ILA) / Government Agencies. If you need facilities to conduct training, courses, celebrations and other related activities, you can book the facilities offered by the ILA / Government Agency.

Access MyTC Portal


For further information please contact:-

head director
Administrative Modernization and Planning Unit
Malaysian Management (MAMPU) Prime Minister’s Department
Level 6, Block B2, Prime Minister’s Department Complex
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia
(u.p: Director, Application Development Division)

Officers to be contacted:

Encik Mahmud Bin Abd Rahman
Chief Assistant Director
Application Development Division, MAMPU.
Phone: 03-8872 3059

Puan Nor Asmizan Binti Mohamad
Assistant Director
Application Development Division, MAMPU
Telephone: 03-8872 6252


Any complaints related to MyTC Services can contact the help desk as below:

Call Center Servicedesk MyTC

Email: pmo1mtc [at] mampu [dot] gov [dot] my

Call Center MyGCC (Malaysia Government Call Center)

Email: 80008000 [at] 1mocc [dot] gov [dot] my

Phone: 03-8000 8000

Call Center Service Desk MAMPU

Email: servicedesk [at] mampu [dot] gov [dot] my

Telephone: 03-8892 4001


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