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MyTC Services

Malaysia Training Centre (MyTC) is one of the efforts to realize the transformation agenda. This initiative is inspired by the Prime Minister and the National Flagship another project under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).

MyTC project allows the use of existing training facilities at the Institute of Public Instruction (ILA) shared a whole and its use can be optimized by various parties. The project is implemented to satisfy people who want fast service and widespread. Thus this project is one of many initiatives to improve the delivery of government services to the people.

This initiative is led by the Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) with strategic partners such as the Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister’s Office, Public Service Department, Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry Youth and Sports and the One Malaysia For Youth (IM4U). Project Implementation MyTC strategic collaboration is the best example of Public Service agencies of various ministries and departments for the realization of this project. It is not built on the efforts of the agencies alone, but is the result of cooperation between the various agencies of the Public Service work together in the same spirit that raised the interest of the people as a priority of the Government administration.


MyTC to realize this project, developed MyTC Portal. MyTC Portal is a gateway (gateway) that electronically stores information about the courses and facilities offered by ILA. The portal will make it easier for civil servants, the private sector, statutory bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the public to obtain information and booking facilities and courses offered by the ILA. The portal also provides a facility for online payment (online).

The services offered by MyTC

Services provided include the following:

  1. Provide information regarding facilities and courses
  2. Providing facilities and booking application courses offered by the Institute of Public Instruction.
  3. Providing on-line payment facilities.

Application Services MyTC

There are no conditions apply to enroll in MyTC Portal. MyTC Portal users can search and booking facilities and courses offered by the Institute of Public Instruction (ILA). If sir / madam requires facilities to conduct training, sir/madam can book the facility offered by ILA concerned.

Portal MyTC

>> http://www.mytc.gov.my/

For futher Information:

Director General
Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit
Prime Minister’s Department
ICT Infrastructure Shared Services and Security Development Division
Level 1, MKN Embassy Techzone Building
B Block, No 3200, Jalan Teknokrat 2,
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.
(att:  Director, ICT Infrastructure Shared Services and Security Development Division)

Contact Persons:

Puan Normaizura binti Rosani
Chief Assistant Director
Application Development Division, MAMPU.
Phone: 03-8872 6314
Email: normaizura.rosani@mampu.gov.my

Encik Rahimi bin Khamis
Senior Assistant Director
Application Development Division, MAMPU
Telephone: 03-8872 7408
Email: rahimi@mampu.gov.my


Call Centre Servicedesk MyTC

E-mail       : 1mtcsupport.mampu[at]1govuc[dot]gov[dot]my atau pmo1mtc[at]mampu[dot]gov[dot]my

Call Centre MyGCC (MalaysiaGovernment Call Centre)

E-mail       : 80008000[at]1mocc[dot]gov[dot]my

Telephone     : 03-8000 8000

Call Centre Service Desk MAMPU

E-mail       : servicedesk[at]mampu[dot]gov[dot]my

Telephone     : 03-8892 4001

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62502 Putrajaya Malaysia
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E webmaster[at]mampu.gov.my

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