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  1. Planning, reviewing and coordinating the needs of ICT products and services in the agency:
    i.    new projects
    ii.    Upgrading existing projects
    iii.    Standardize the work processes
  2. Plan and coordinate projects under the management needs of the Agency, namely:
    i.    PMO;
    ii.    Forming a team.
  3. Implementing strategies for ICT products quality assurance agency. Through Final Acceptance Test (FAT) and user acceptance testing (UAT)
  4. Designing and implementing promotional strategies for ICT products and services of the agency.
  5. Implement the strategy and management of the actual implementation of the agency. Joint perform installation and testing, Handing over / hand-holding, administration, operation and implementation of the application, Penyelengga the Engineering and application changes, Provide technical assistance and aid applications (technical and application support).
  6. Outcome assessment strategy for implementing agencies include:
    1. Evaluate competence of the project team;
    2. Reporting and monitoring.
  7. Leading the strategic planning outcome evaluation to the Agency. Planning strategy includes assessment of outcome analysis, impact analysis, post-implementation review (review implementation), competency assessment and management of the project team.


  1. Lead, plan and coordinate the development needs of the application.
  2. Lead, and implementation of development planning strategy covering System Applications
    i.    Business Process Reengineering (BPR); and
    ii.    Requirement Engineering System (SRS).
  3. Leading design and planning strategy development ICT products include:
    i.    The design approach (design approach);
    ii.    The design of the product architecture;
    iii.    The choice of technologies / platforms and programming languages;
    iv.    List of favouri detailed design (detailed design); and
    v.    The design of the database (database design).
  4. Leading construction and design strategies Applications include:
    i.    Program code centralized management and integrated (version control);
    ii.    Programming (coding);
    iii.    Unit Testing.
  5. Lead, planning, coordinating and implementing the quality assurance process (Quality Assurance) and security software products to enhance the quality of the resulting software applications for government agencies including:
    i.    Test system;
    ii.    Integration testing; and
    iii.    User acceptance testing (UAT).
  6. Leading the implementation strategy and plan maintenance (maintenance) and managing application changes.

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